Monday, June 14, 2010

Motorbike Injury Compensation

I remember it was year 2007 when my friend Stewart was involved in a motorcycle accident that changed his life forever. Reportedly, his motorbike was the one that hit the car ahead of him. I know my friend so well and I know how disciplined he is when it comes to driving, that is why I was shocked when I got a phone call stating that he was sent to hospital because of the motorbike accident. I visited him a week after his operation and I really felt so bad seeing his condition. I saw him on a wheel chair with some bandages covering his head and wearing a neck collar. He spent almost a month at the hospital before his full recovery.

Another thing that made me so upset is when I heard that it was my friend who covered the entire hospital expenses without receiving anything from the other party (the car owner). He failed to insure his motorbike that’s why he does not received anything from any company. However, I heard that there are some companies that offer motorbike injury compensation. This will help my friend to, at least, recover from such devastating loss.

Since the other party showed their negligence about the accident, I think it is just right to file a lawsuit against them and received motorbike accident claims. Once the injury claims approved, the other party is subject or entitled to provide monetary compensation to my friend. I also found a site that offers legal assistance and help victims to fight for their rights. You can visit to find out more about motorbike injury claims or contact them at 0800 089 4444 to inquire.

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