Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shelia Cockburn and Associate LLP

Life is more wonderful if you have everything in life such as comfortable house, dream car, complete appliances, modern furniture, good job, lovely kids, perfect partner and everything. I'm sure you will be the happiest person. But even though, you have everything in life, you can still experience trials and problems. Most of the common problem today is shortage of money. We can not avoid debts especially if we have students, mortgage and bills. That is why we need to ask help from professionals, they are willing to help you guys when it comes to debts. If you live here in Canada, feel free to visit the law office of Shelia Cockburn and Associate LLP. They are widely open for you. It is free consultation. They provide a good service, share ideas to solve your financial problem. You can pay all your debts and try again to start a good life.

Stop worrying about your debts now. The Canadian debt relief law firm offer a customized debt settlement plan for all Canadian clients. They will help you to eliminate the current unsecured debts for about half that you owe from your creditors.

So, if you are interested , please contact the law office of Cockburn and Associate LLP at and don't hesitate to ask help.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Christian Fellowship

We, the group of Filipino Christian Fellowship held our first Worship Service at Room 128 Parkview Church here in Guelph. The fellowship service started around 4pm by Nerie Dador who led the songs to praise and worship God. Pastor Helen Rojas gave her nice message to the group. The members were very happy and more bless to worship God.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gorgeous Elephant

It was Saturday morning when I captured this gorgeous elephant at African Lion Safari during the elephant swimming show. This is one of the biggest elephants that I saw there very huge and of course adorable.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pell Grant

Better education is the only way to reach the apex of success. If you have knowledge and skills many companies will hire you. You can work anywhere you like and get big salary compare to others. Always remember that poverty is not a hindrance to success. Nowadays you can work during the day and study online. You can also apply for loans, grants or scholarship program.There are many schools available to all interested students in the internet today.

While searching in the internet, I found this interesting school called College Pell Grant. All you need to do is to enroll in school and apply for pell grants. It is a financial assistance in the form of money that doesn't need to be paid back. Wow! What a very interesting news to all students. You can get financial assistance if you are qualified. In order to receive a grant, you need to fill out FAFSA to know if you are eligible. Then you have to monitor your application. If you are qualified you can receive a funds. It's so easy and convenient to all students. But if you do not meet the requirements it means you are not qualified for grants. The next thing to do is to apply for student loans. In scholarship it needs academic requirements , athletic skill or other unique personal characteristics.

Well, if you are interested to know, check out the website and enroll now.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thread Eyebrow

Hello friends! How are you today? About me here, I'm fine and happy. I went to a near parlor this morning and had a thread eyebrow. To tell you honestly, thread eyebrow really hurts for the first time but not in the second time. This kind of method long lasts compare to the other techniques. It's great, cheap and makes my eyes looks gorgeous. Eyebrow threading can groom and shape your eyebrows as an alternative to plucking or waxing. It sounds very painful, but not so hurt just a little. According to the beautician, threading eyebrows gives you a better result than waxing or plucking. Well, it looks pretty after she thread my eyebrow. Even though I feel pain but I am satisfied with the nice result.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Server Not Found

Server not found, that's my internet connection for today. I felt bad every time I open my computer and if I go to my sites it says server not found. I miss my site already. I have many assignments to make. Aside from that I want to update all my new domains. I don't know what to do with this internet connection. It is very slow and server not found. I hope this will be good tomorrow. All I can for now is to clean my room and watch DVD movies. We have lots of new Filipino DVD movies here. Want to come with me, let’s watch.