Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sipa Games

Sipa or Sepak Takraw is known as Kick Volleyball in English is one of the popular sports in my country Philippines. When I was a teacher back home I am one of the coaches in our school. I trained the children on how to play sepak by using their feet, knee, chest and head to touch or kick the ball. In playing sipa you need a court. It is similar to badminton sized court. The area is around 13.4 x 6.1 m with the height of 8m measured from the floor surface. The width of the lines bounding the court should not be more than 0.04 m measured and drawn inwards from the edge of the court measurements. All the boundary lines should be drawn at least 3.0m away from all obstacles. The center line of 0.02 m should be drawn equally dividing the right and left court. At the corner of each at the center line, the quarter circle shall be drawn from the sideline to the center line with a radius of 0.9 m measured and drawn outwards from the edge of the 0.9 m radius. The service circle of 0.3 m radius shall be drawn on the left and on the right court, the center of which is 2.45 m from the back line of the court and 3.05 m from the sidelines, the 0.04 m line shall be measured and drawn outward from the edge of the 0.3 m radius. the net is similar to volleyball net made up of fine ordinary cord or nylon with 6mm to 8mm mesh, .7m in width and not shorter than 6.10m, taped at .0.05 m and the top shall be 1.52m for women height. The ball shall be spherical in shape, made of synthetic fiber or one woven layer.