Monday, April 27, 2009

My Beautician

I just arrived from my favorite hair salon. I went there together with my friend for my new hair cut and eyebrow threading. She only cut or trimmed my hair because I don’t like short hair and even though I felt a little bit pain in my eyebrow threading but still I’m happy and satisfied with the result. It’s beautiful, affordable and makes my eyes looks gorgeous. By the way, my beautician is what they called shemale or a gay. At the salon, she shared about free shemale chat. First time I heard about live shemale chat only from my beautician. According to her, she was registered that site for many years already. Through shemale chat, she found new friends from all over the world. Like other chat rooms, you can easily communicate and see each other by viewing your web cam online. It’s guaranteed safe, secure and free to sign up for membership. So, if you are interested to talk to my beautician and her friends, just log on the website and sign up for free.

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