Sunday, January 4, 2009


While my brother and I bought some grocery items at Zher’s Market I met my friend Elma there. She immediately asked me to go with her. She said we will go to a birthday of her friend. At first I don’t like to go with her because I’m not ready to go with a party. I told her I need to change my clothes first. But she said my dress is good. So, I said yes without thinking. I told my brother that I’ll go with Elma. The birthday celebrant lives in the next city, so we travel half an hour. The weather is not good there’s a snow storm. Our driver, Elma’s husband asks the address of her friend. But, sad to say Elma forgot the exact location of the place. She called her friend through her cell phone but it’s unavailable. We tried to locate the place but we can not find. So, we decided to go to the nearest mall to look for the yellow book so that we can call her friend’s land line phone. But, still we can not find, so we stay for a moment and then our driver get angry now. He wants to go home. So, we decided to go home immediately. When we arrived at home, Elma phoned her friend and relates the story to her.

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